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Oct 6, 2017


Thank you for joining the first ever episode of Business Playmakers. Today’s Playmaker is Dedrick Jackson who works with the host Kyle Gorman in one of Kyle’s companies, Gorman Recruiting. Dedrick loves technology, podcasts, blogs, and everything marketing and social media, so he was asked to join the first episode as a test run. 

Dedrick has more than 15 years experience in sales, with the majority of that experience being in the finance industry. Dedrick has worked as a mortgage loan officer, a life insurance agent, a banker, and a financial advisor before leaving the finance industry to pursue a restaurant venture with his father. When he decided that being a restaurant owner was not his passion, he found that sales and marketing were, and applied for an opening in the business to business sales of Gorman Recruiting. Since joining the team a year ago, Dedrick has been a great addition to the team. When listening to this interview, you will be able to feel the energy he brings to everything he does. Dedrick is married to Dr. Jenny Jackson, and has two sons named Dylan and Kobi. With his oldest son Kobi, Dedrick has a VLOG that can be found on Facebook, and YouTube under the name JustUs_Crew, and titled, “Father and Son Journey to the NBA”. Dedrick is very passionate about helping small businesses, is an active member in his local Chamber of Commerce, and current 2017/ 2018 President of the Tuesdays With Money Chapter of Business Networking International. Dedrick also has a passion for helping children in need and currently serves on the board of directors for a non profit called The Empowerment Academy to help homeless teenagers. 


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Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary Vaynerchuk

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