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Mar 11, 2019

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Tomas Keenan, Co Founder and CEO of Top Class Installations. At a young age, Tomas fell in love with the installation, and fabrication of custom car audio. Tomas decided he knew more about the car audio business than the people he worked for, so he chose to start his own business, Exquisite Mobile Electronics Inc., which he ran for 5 years. As technology advanced, Tomas found that many vehicles were coming from the factory with better quality car audio systems, so it became difficult to sustain a profitable business. Tomas had to make the hardest decision he had ever had to make in his life, to close the business he had started. After about 3 years, Tomas and his previous business partner decided to start another business, Top Class Installation. Tomas and his partner were doing well, however found that they didn’t have a specific focus, and decided to only do installations of GPS tracking and dash cameras in commercial vehicles. Even though this is not the type of business that they set out to do, Tomas and his partner saw this as an opportunity to run a sustainable business while still pursuing their passion.

As Kyle mentions in this podcast, it is often hard to determine the difference between an opportunity and a distraction. During the conversation, Tomas mentions that when first starting out as an entrepreneur, you do what ever you have to in order to keep the business running. Even though something helped pay the bills when your business needed revenue, it may not be something you enjoyed or what you even wanted to do after your business was established. That is an example of a distraction. In the case of Tomas and his partner deciding to niche into a certain type of business, it was an opportunity and they are glad they made the decision. The conversation between Kyle and Tomas is one of the best on the Business Playmakers podcast, and you are sure to enjoy it. Thanks for listening and please be sure to subscribe and review the podcast!


Top Class Installations is an industry leader and have been featured in multiple publications. You can find more information about Top Class Installations and Tomas Keenan at the link below.