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Apr 8, 2019

~Intro Message from Kyle Gorman.


How do we know the right people to bring into our business. As we continue to grow sometimes it can become a real challenge to determine what the next step would look like from a personal perspective. We know we need to add some people in our business, we know we need to hire someone, but we have to figure out who that might be. One of the big mistakes that we find a lot of business owners making is when they tried to hire someone just like themselves. Usually these are people with similar skill sets to the owner. As business owners, we often think we need to do all of the things that someone else wouldn’t want to do. In reality, what we need to focus on is doing the things that we are really good at. We need to focus on the things that we have a skill set in, and then hire the people who don’t have that skill set. One of the common roadblocks that we have, is understanding what our time is really worth as business owners. You’ve probably heard it talked about on the Business Playmakers podcast before about business owners who say that they are really good at sales but don’t have time for sales, so they need to hire a good sales person. What that business owner may need is actually a really good administrative support person, so the business owner will have time to go out and sell. We talk about these topics with today’s guest in relation to growing a business and building a solid team. Today’s guest, Candice Bakx-Friesen has four businesses and four kids and successfully manages all of them with a great work life balance, and does so by building great teams around her. 


Welcome to the Business Playmakers podcast, this week we are excited to present Candice Bakx-Friesen. Candice is a Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Speaker, and Coach. According to Candice’s LinkedIn profile, she is passionate about helping people reach their financial dreams. She is also a highly sought after coach within the real-estate and finance industries, and this is credited to Candice’s ability to cut to the chase and get to the root of the problem with her client’s needs. 

After high school, Candice has aspirations of following in her aunts footsteps to becoming an accountant. Those plans changed after meeting a gentleman who is now her husband, and because of his experience with rental properties that he owned, Candice discovered a passion for real estate as well. This led to her becoming a realtor, which she has been successful at for more than 12 years. Candice has been so successful in fact that she now coaches other real-estate agents with team building and dismantling, as well as creating better work life balance. You can reach Candice by sending her a message on any social media network, and you can also find out more about Candice Bakx-Friesen by visiting

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