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Dec 11, 2017


Business Playmakers is pleased to introduce William G. Barron. Mr. Barron has had a very distinguished career in commercial real estate as well as in banking. Mr. Barron has served the Stanford Law School Executive Education Directors College, the Chicago School of Business Directors Consortium, and the Harvard Business School Executive Education Compensation Committee. Although he doesn’t allow them to define him in measure of success, Mr. Barron has won the Book of Honors Award, and the Milton F. Boulware Award. Mr. Barron is very clear as to what measurement he defines success by and it has very little to do with money, titles, or awards. Locally to his home town, Mr. Barron has served for the YMCA, Rotary Club, and Mentor For Kids. Most importantly Mr. Barron is devoted to his faith, and his relationship to his wife Jo who he has been married to since 1976. They have 6 children of whom many are also entrepreneurs. Enjoy the episode as this is one you don’t want to miss.



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