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Mar 19, 2018

One of our most popular episodes was one we thought we would bring you again in case you missed it the first time. Enjoy as Kyle Gorman interviews Wayne Foster.

Business Playmakers is excited to introduce you to Mr. Wayne Foster of Wayne Foster Enterprises. Mr. Foster is the founder of American Patriot Getaways, which is a property management company that manages over 400 vacation properties in the Gatlinburg Tennessee area. In this episode of Business Playmakers you will hear Wayne explain how he got his start, and when he knew it was time to make the move from working for someone else to being an entrepreneur. You’ll love the stories about using $5000 from his retirement account for start up funds, and spending his families weekly grocery money to take a trip to close a deal. Mr. Foster is known for being a supporter of his local community non-profit organizations, and for his passion of helping and seeing others succeed. We hope you enjoy the conversation between Wayne Foster and Kyle Gorman, please make sure you share with others, as well as rate and review Business Playmakers. 

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