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Apr 30, 2018


Business Playmakers is excited to bring you Kevin Bruner, the President of InfoServe Inc. Kevin is the founder of InfoServe and started his company in 1984 with encouragement from his wife who said, “As long as we can pay the bills”, and a belief that he could make mistakes better than others he had worked for. Kevin had originally went to college to pursue a career in Accounting, however after realizing how boring and bland his professors were, he decided he didn’t want to be like them. This change in career path was also because of an exciting new love Kevin started developing for Computer Technology. Computers were not like they are today where everyone essentially has a computer in their pocket, and Kevin found that he was very good at marketing this new and exciting product. In this episode you will learn about many topics as Kevin takes us on a journey through more than 30 years of business in a constantly evolving industry. Some of the best information is about sales, and especially networking. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes of Business Playmakers.

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