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Jun 4, 2018

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to introduce Executive Coach Jason Treu. Jason graduated with a law degree and a Masters in Communications from Syracuse University and has worked with influencers such as Steve Jobs, Mark Hurd, and Mark Cuban during a 7 year career in Silicon Valley. During that time, Jason also worked with well known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Yahoo!, and Pixar. Having had the opportunity to learn from experts such as Tony Robbins, and Brene Brown,  Jason’s knowledge is very diverse and often shifts from statistics and facts, to phycology when determining what exactly makes a person successful or what keeps them from success. Jason is also an author of a book that has been #1 in four business categories on Amazon called Social Wealth. 

According to his website,, Jason has been a guest on more than 400 podcasts, radio, and TV shows, and based on the amazing conversation he had with Kyle Gorman on Business Playmakers, we can see why. Kyle and Jason share many of the same views in regard to business, management, and leadership, and the conversation could have lasted much longer. Be sure to check out Jason’s book as well as his popular team building game called Cards Against Mundanity.

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