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Jun 11, 2018

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you a special guest, Adam Patterson. To call him a self made entrepreneur will immediately have you corrected as you’ll hear in this episode, because Adam doesn’t believe anyone is self made. Adam came from almost nothing in the area of guidance until the moment he discovered his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Adam’s mother worked three jobs as a single parent to provide for he and his sister, and even though it was important to put put food on the table and pay the bills, the household was often parentless. Because of this and Adam’s inability to conform to a traditional school setting, Adam dropped out of school and began to get into trouble. After living a very volatile lifestyle through his teenage years and most of his twenties, Adam gave his life to Jesus Christ and his transformation began. Adam’s perspective is addictive as he explains The Bible as being “a book of thou shall can have” instead of “a book of thou shall cannot.” What is preached is very much practiced as Adam trusts God to guide him, and put him in positions to help others while enjoying the byproduct of what could be called success. While owning multiple properties that cover city blocks, and reviving multiple failing businesses, Adam will quickly remind you that it has nothing to do with him because the glory is to be given to God. Just like everything Adam has done in life, this episode is different than what you know of as the normal Business Playmakers interview. This is a treat for our listeners as the conversation kept getting deeper and the recording kept rolling. In the style of a fireside chat, Kyle and Adam cover multiple topics, and the listener is allowed to be an audience member witnessing two great minds as they collaborate.

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