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Jun 18, 2018

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Tod Holland, founder of Lumenwood Group, where he is a Consultant and Chief Economist. Tod started his career from very humble beginnings as a Realestate Agent, and as he began his career it was without leads or connections, and only a “want to succeed.” After a year or two working as an agent, Tod finally started seeing some returns from the time he invested in his career, and decided to open his own business. That business became the first ever virtual cloud service for real estate. Soon after, Tod started a mortgage company, and a national coaching company for real estate agents and loan officers called Lumenwood Group. At the Lumenwood Group, Tod helps other real estate and mortgage professionals generate leads and make conversions. In this episode you will hear great insight about marketing, and lead generation from a very knowledgable guest with much experience in success and failure. Kyle and Tod have conversations about entrepreneurship and what it means to have great influence and mentorship around you as a business owner. When speaking about success, Tod breaks it down to detail by comparing global success verses local success and speaks about the importance of legacy. You can find more information about Tod by way of two websites;, and, or you can reach out to Tod directly by way of email 

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