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Sep 10, 2018


Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you the perspective and expertise to your perfect life through this week’s guest, Tommy Baker. Tommy has been an entrepreneur for a decade that started with success in brick and mortar fitness facilities. Finding that success meant discovering what his clients really wanted, and not being afraid to reach outside his industry for influence. Tommy gives his insight to many different topics such as retirement which he calls a “myth”. When asked to elaborate, Tommy says, “ Meaningful work provides meaningful purpose for our lives.” When you visit Tommy’s website, you will find all of the areas he has become an expert in such as Business and Life Coaching through Mastermind Groups, Podcast Host, and Author of The 1% rule. In his book, The 1% Rule, Tommy teaches how to stay focused on long term goals by way of single steps today that will get you to the desired result. “Take one step toward your mountain”, as Tommy mentions to Kyle when discussing what the 1% rule is. You can find more information about Tommy Baker at the website mentioned above, or by subscribing to his podcast at h .  You can also find Tommy’s book, The 1% rule on Amazon by way of  Tommy mentions his mentors John De Martini, and Tom Bilyeu, and references Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, and Cal Newport as authors who have written books he has enjoyed. Links for each of these can be found below. Thanks Tommy for being a guest on Business Playmakers podcast, it was a pleasure having you on the show. 

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John De Martini

Tom Bilyeu

Seth Godin

Simon Sinek

Cal Newport