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Sep 17, 2018

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to present Tim Alison who is the Author of the book Screw The Naysayers, They Suck Anyways! In this episode, Kyle and Tim have a conversation that breaks the norm of the typical question and answer format of the Business Playmakers podcast. Tim is very knowledgable and experienced in many areas with a history that is one of a guy who seemed to have it all. Tim tells the story of being in his late 20’s, a six figure income, two kids, wife, and a career that was about to explode. Unfortunately Tim was also about to explode, as he explains that when a company is paying you a large amount of money, it is because they want a large amount from you. Even though Tim was very successful in his career, he never saw his kids, had a struggling marriage, and was at a breaking point. The wake up Tim finally had was, “sitting on the toilet, naked, at three o’ clock in the morning, crying.” This led Tim to do what others called crazy, which was to move to a small fishing village to slow his life down, focus on his family, and start a software company. To say that people called him crazy was an understatement as there seemed to be judgment from everywhere, however Tim knew he was doing what was right for his family. Tim discovered a way to build a job around the life he wanted to live, and the opinions of everyone else along the way fueled the book he later wrote titled, Screw The Naysayers, They Suck Anyways! Today Tim hosts a podcast, and has an online community for other entrepreneurs who also need guidance in dealing with naysayers. Enjoy the awesome conversation between Tim and Kyle as they dive into multiple topics about business, workforce development, and life. 

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