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Sep 24, 2018

Business Playmakers is excited to bring you an energetic episode as Kyle speaks with Kim Fiske. Kim is an Author, Seven Figure Earner, Keynote Speaker, and Thought Leader. For more than a decade, Kim has had a successful career as a Health and Weight-loss Coach, and a Leadership Coach, where she has helped others to get over their fears of what she calls, “the Monster Under the Bed.” This method of coaching is what led Kim to write her first book, The Monster Under the Bed, The Lie That Drives Us. For many years before becoming a Leadership Coach, Kim worked in Relationship Marketing where she studied the craft of sales, and where she began to notice a common theme amongst other professionals and within herself. It was then that Kim started to not believe her thoughts and understand what is possible. In a rare moment Kyle goes off script in while speaking with Kim about her book when he asks her, “What’s the monster, and what’s the lie?” Kim’s answer is priceless and you don’t want to miss it.  One thing you will notice from this episode of Business Playmakers is that Kim is truly a selfless individual. Many times during the conversation with Kyle, Kim will speak about her passion for helping others as being the real motivator that moves her. You can find more information about Kim at