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Feb 26, 2018

Business Playmakers is excited to introduce Chuck Frary who is the Area Chair for the C12 Group of Greater Indianapolis. Chuck has been very successful in helping and advising business owners in Florida and Southern Indiana as a leader in C12. The perfect description of C12 was provided by Chuck in this episode as, “bringing forth the kingdom of God in the marketplace through individuals that God has called to run a business for Him.” With no expertise except the school of hard knocks, Chuck tells about his career in sales and management that led to him being a business owner in the paving industry in 1984 when founded Pave Tech, Inc. After enjoying a successful journey as an entrepreneur, Chuck sold his business in 2002 and planned to retire. In Florida at the time, Chuck felt like he had more to give and found a passion in helping other business owners through the C12 Group. After establishing a successful group in Florida, Chuck and his wife moved to the midwest and started two C12 groups in Southern Indiana, and are now pursuing starting another group in Indianapolis. You’ll enjoy the insight and wisdom of someone who has educated himself through experience as Chuck talks about what he calls “the perfect month”, as well as his method of accountability and planning by way of marking his calendar for reminders as well as appointments. Being a man of faith, it will be no surprise how Chuck measures success, although it will make you look at success differently. Enjoy the episode and please share, rate, and review the Business Makers podcast. 

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