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Mar 12, 2018

On this episode of Business Playmakers we are proud to present the President of Independence Bank, Darrell HIgginbotham. The journey from back office at a community bank to President of a bank voted one of the Best Places in Kentucky to Work, was not one without changes and tough decisions. In fact, Darrell’s first ideal employment was at first to be in the construction industry. The economy at the time didn’t allow that to be an ideal choice for Darrell, and he actually found banking buy way of his father who was recruited to work at a bank in the late 1960’s. Darrell attended college at Western Kentucky University in a newly developed banking program, and immediately started working for a bank in Owensboro Kentucky right after graduating. After developing a passion for community banking, Darrell soon took a leap of faith to work for a bank in the small town of Springfield Kentucky. With 41 years in banking since then, Darrell made it his mission to to learn almost every role and potion in banking. Through mergers and acquisitions in the 80’s, Darrell also had to the opportunity to work for many different banks and was named President of First and Peoples Bank in Springfield Kentucky. In 2005, Darrell became President of Independence Bank in Owensboro Kentucky, and has helped the bank to grow organically without acquisitions while keeping the community bank culture. Darrell is a true leader who consistently thinks of the success of his employees first, and the success of the bank second, which he feels determine whether he is successful. Darrell has been married to his wife Denise for almost 37 years and considers her his most trusted advisor and gives all the credit to her when when mentioning his own success. Enjoy the episode and be sure to share, subscribe, and review the Business Playmakers podcast on the platform you have chosen to listen. 

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