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Apr 2, 2018

Tim Hyland

Business Playmakers is honored to be able to bring to you the owner of Hyland, Block, and Hyland Insurance and founder of Agents Helping Agents, Tim Hyland. Tim earned a Masters Degree in Education while also playing college basketball, and after college pursued education and coaching. Deciding he needed to earn more money to support his family, Tim found work in the Insurance industry, and while working in administration at an agency, he discovered he was good at selling. This didn’t come as surprise to Tim because he came from a family of sales professionals, and when he was announced as an Account Executive, his father said to him, “you are a salesman, and don’t you ever forget that.” Because of his relationships in the community from his career in coaching, Tim was able to build his business to a point that allowed him to open his own independent agency in 1983. Tim began his journey into entrepreneurship with his brother and started their agency with just the two of them and slowly grew to hire more staff. More than ten years after starting his own business and experiencing the difficulties and success of doing so, Tim had an idea to start what was known as a Master Agency, to help others small agencies grow and develop. Tim called his Master Agency, Agents Helping Agents and currently has over 150 agency members in three states. Tim Hyland started his career as a coach, and even though his career took a turn to salesman and entrepreneur, he still remains a coach to others in his industry. 

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