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Apr 9, 2018

Business Playmakers is excited to bring you the CMO of DG Studios, Robert Indries. To say Robert had humble beginnings would be an extreme understatement. Growing up on a farm in Transylvania, Robert’s family had to decide whether to buy a car or a computer because they couldn’t afford both. They decided to buy a computer, and Robert began his journey to now being a Leader, Speaker, Marketer, Developer, and Branding expert. Robert is an accomplished author, and Entrepreneur, who has founded, and sold multiple businesses. Robert left home at 14 and began his working career building websites and developing apps, and eventually found his love for sales and marketing. Goals for the future include, better healthcare for people, and investing in Aerospace for the purpose of going beyond Earth and seeking out resources that would allow people to live longer on the planet. This is an amazing episode which tells the story of someone who came from nothing, and is reaching for the stars. Enjoy the episode of Business Playmakers featuring Robert Indries, and please remember to share with everyone!

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