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Apr 16, 2018

Business Playmakers is very excited to bring you the Vice President and Head of Partnerships at and, Rob Greenlee. Rob is a career podcaster with more than 14 years experience and has had many high profile careers that have led him to where he is now including EVP/CTO at in Beverly Hills, California, and former Content and Business Manager of Podcasts and TV at Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Zune. One of the most prestigious awards that can be won by someone in his industry, Rob is also a 2017 Inductee into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. He currently hosts the “” podcast, Wednesdays at 3pm PST, and co-hosts “” Live Sat at 9am PST/Noon EST. If all of that isn’t enough, Rob is also former lead host of WebTalk World Radio Show; recognized as the first nationally syndicated radio program in the world to begin podcasting on Sept 15th, 2004. Today Rob is passionate about helping others put shows online, build their podcast audience. Business Playmakers is proud to have our very special guest, and you don’t want to miss one second of this episode. Be sure to leave a comment and Subscribe.

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