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Apr 23, 2018

Business Playmakers podcast will revisit a past episode that was very popular among our listeners. In case you missed it, Business Playmakers is proud to present the President of The Malcolm Bryant Corporation, Madison Silvert. 

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Business Playmakers is honored to bring you an amazing episode featuring the President of The Malcolm Bryant Corporation, Madison Silvert. The Madison story, as mentioned in the podcast, is one that is devoted to his home town, Owensboro Kentucky. Madison attended Centre College where he fell in love with economics, and because of the history of family members who attended law school, he decided to attend the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. After graduating and while working in Louisville for a law firm, Madison got a call from a relative who gave him the opportunity to come back to Owensboro. Madison’s uncle, who owns a successful law firm in Owensboro, said that he was looking for an associate, and asked Madison to consider working at the firm. After moving back to Owensboro, and because of some pro bono work to help his friend and high school teacher, Madison re discovered his love for economics. On a dare, and a belief that he could make a difference, Madison became Owensboro’s first Vice President for Entrepreneurship and High Tech Development. That opportunity led to being named the Executive Vice President of Greater Owensboro Economic and Development Corporation, and later named the CEO and President of that organization. Madison shares wonderful stories about his experiences and a career spent devoted to learning, and serving others. From teleportation to bowties, nothing is off limits in this episode of Business Playmakers. Enjoy!


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