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May 13, 2019

Thank you or joining us on the Employer Blueprint Podcast and this week we are proud to present Charmaine Hammond. Charmaine is an Expert in Workplace Communication, Collaboration and Conflict Resolution, a Keynote Speaker, and a Trainer. Her list of certifications are impressive, as Charmaine is a Certified Speaking Professional, a TEC Canada Approved Speaker, and she also has a Master’s of Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University. As an expert in conflict resolution, Charmaine has helped numerous businesses, business owners, and business leaders deal with “people” issues in the work place. No industry is excluded from the types of businesses, non-profits, and government organizations Charmaine has helped over the last two decades. Whether through public speaking, work shops, and webinars, or one on one mentoring with company leaders, and employees, Charmaine is very passionate with a “no fluff” approach to getting results. 

As she explains in the podcast episode, Charmaine’s first career was in jail as a correctional officer. Being 19 and this being her first career, Charmaine realized she had a passion for conflict resolution, however also recognized that she had a lot to learn. After leaving that position, Charmaine went on to complete her Master’s Degree and soon after started her own Mediation Practice where she has been helping multiple types of organizations in the area of conflict resolution and mediation for the last 20 plus years. One of the issues talked about in the Employer Blueprint Podcast episode is when an employee transitions from being on a team to leading that team. Charmaine talks about problems with trust, and friendships ending from a new manager trying to manage people who were once coworkers. Kyle and Charmaine have an awesome conversation about topics that they are both very passionate about, and both love talking and learning about. You don’t want to miss this episode as they dive into people issues, workplace conflicts, why they happen, and how to resolve them. Enjoy, and please make sure you subscribe to the Employer Blueprint Podcast so you don’t miss an episode.