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May 27, 2019

At the Employer Blueprint Podcast we love talking about team building. In this episode we’re going to break down a lot of information as we talk about building a team and what you do once you have the team in place. Today’s guest has experience in both the private and public sector and there are so many things that are transferable when it comes to team building and getting the right people around you. One of the things that becomes a common thread during this episode is communication. This includes the need to communicate and the ability to communicate at all levels. One thing that tends to happen to those in leadership roles is that communication tends to work its way down but fails to work its way back up to the leaders of the organization. 

The Employer Blueprint Podcast is excited to present The VP of Business Development at Trapeze Group, Author of Full Throttle: Living Life to the Max with No Regrets, and Host of Transit Unplugged Podcast, Paul Comfort. For the last 30 years Paul has been serving by way of a career in Public Transit and government and most recently served as the CEO of the Maryland Transit Administration. Paul is also a keynote speaker with expertise in Leadership and Management, and Organizational Improvement. Through a career that started with running for public office and a chance meeting during his first step into politics, Paul was given the opportunity as a young man in his twenties to pursue public transportation. This was a very successful venture that lasted 30 years, and according to Paul, it was only possible through the people he had around him. This career in public transportation took Paul to many parts of the country, to achieving a Law Degree, and eventually back to public office. After running for State’s Attorney and losing, one more time Paul was presented with an opportunity. Paul was given the opportunity to become County Administrator, and he had the responsibility of overseeing the budget of the County Attorney’s office. Then in 2014 Paul ran for office again, when he ran for County Commissioner and won, before ending up where he is now, working for Trapeze as the the Vice President of Business Development. Through out his career, Paul has been very successful, and he attributes his success to the ability to build great teams, and in this episode of the Employer Blueprint Podcast, Kyle and Paul dive into the many areas of discussion regarding team building and development. Enjoy the episode and please subscribe so you don’t miss any future episodes.