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May 9, 2019

The Employer Blueprint Podcast is proud to present the Principal of Kandell Consulting, Speaker, and Author of unHIDDEN: A Book for Men & Those Confused by Them, Robert Kandell. Robert in an interpersonal communication expert who’s “mission has been to help people find themselves and use their internal power to live their best lives.” ~ quoted from Robert’s LinkedIN profile because it was well stated. As Robert explains in this episode of the Employer Blueprint Podcast, he was able to start a venture from an idea on a napkin and build it to an 8 figure business. Before that, Robert was a rising star in the corporate world as a 6 figure earner in his late twenties, and thought he had it all figured out, until things hit a wall. As Robert explains, he was overweight, unhappy, over stressed, and disconnected from his wife. This was when Robert decided to make a change and started focusing on personal development. Through this focus on personal development, Robert met a woman named Nicole and they became immediate friends. Together they started an organization for others to focus on their own personal development called One Taste. As Robert explains in the podcast, they were able to take the idea from a paper napkin sketch to a world wide 8 figure business. In this ten year adventure, Robert and Nicole were able to open up satellite offices in London, France, and all across the United States. In creating something so great, Robert found it to be impacting his health, so in 2014, Robert sold his shares and moved to Venice Beach California to start his own consulting firm. At Kandell Consulting, Robert is able to focus on what he loves the most, which is sharing his experience and knowledge with others to help them thrive in business. You can find out more about Robert, and his podcast, consulting firm, and best selling book at 

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