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Jun 4, 2019

This week on the Employer Blueprint Podcast, we are excited to have the President and Founder of Futurety, Bill Balderaz. Bill graduated from college in 1997 with a journalism degree, and at the same time websites had become very popular. Instead of the traditional path of working for a magazine or newspaper, Bill chose to work for an internet company and create content for websites. This wasn’t without criticism from his professors and family who, like the rest of the world, thought the internet was a fad. Bill was working on things that were very cutting edge such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and building Geo Cities, and was able to get first hand experience and work with multiple startups that raised capital and sold. Bill decided he wanted to start his own company and he then went to his boss, where he had been working in digital marketing, and told her what he wanted to do and that he wanted her as a client. She agreed, as did a few of other past employers, and his entrepreneurial journey began. This was in 2006, and his company was called Webbed Marketing. At the time digital marketing wasn’t like it is today, and there were not many people in the industry. The 2008 economic crisis presented new opportunities for Webbed Marketing in that many companies were making cut backs on their different budgets. Even though marketing was one of these areas that were getting cut, digital marketing was not as expensive as the other traditional marketing avenues, and companies were looking for alternatives to television. In 2011, Webbed Marketing was sold to a company called Fathom, and Bill was able to start another company called Fathom Healthcare through that partnership. Healthcare was becoming a very regulated industry with a lot of issues, and marketers were avoiding the industry and the regulations. This was seen as an opportunity to Bill and his team at Fathom because they were able to take on the biggest hospitals and organizations when no other agencies wanted to. This same method of forward thinking is exactly what led Bill to start his company Futurety in 2015. Bill saw an opportunity to use machine learning and data to market companies more effectively and more efficient. You can find more information about Futurety, and Bill Balderaz at their website Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe to the Employer Blueprint Podcast so you don’t miss any exciting future episodes.