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Sep 21, 2020

Jay Hodge is the founder and President of Jay Hodge & Associates, a Lean Management Consulting firm consisting of an extensive network of Independent Experts specializing in multiple fields including Strategy Deployment, Lean Leadership Development, Operations, Revenue Cycle Management, Kaizen/RIW and Problem Solving Events and the implementation of Lean Management Systems in organizations across multiple industries.  Jay is the author of The Lean Treasure Chest and is the creator of the Dynamic Elemental Engagement System used to effectively drive cultural transformation within any organization.  Jay possesses over 30 years of demonstrated operational leadership in roles ranging from front-line Supervisor to Vice President within organizations such as Toyota, General Motors, Caterpillar, Ford, Tenet Healthcare and the United States Marine Corps. His experience has demonstrated that simply using the Lean tools is easy but succeeding as an effective Leader in a Lean organization requires a completely different kind of Leadership, one that necessitates a level of engagement, accountability, communication and ownership seldom demonstrated.  A Lean Leader is first a servant, someone who understands that they will never be more important than the very people that they serve, influence and impact.  JH&A Enables organizations to understand that success as a Lean organization is about differentiating yourself from your competition by understanding and providing what your customers value, in a manner that sets you apart.  JH&A builds upon an organizations abilities and strengths by developing a focused strategy, documented plan, clearly defined expectations, an accountability structure, and most importantly, a willingness of Leadership to get neck deep daily in the mud puddle we refer to as operations. Effective Lean Leadership is the catalyst for a Successful Lean Culture.

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