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Nov 4, 2019

The Employer Blueprint Podcast is excited to present CEO, Author, and the Founder and Lead Coach of Create Passive Income with Ebooks, Sylvie McCracken. Sylvie started her journey while working full time in Hollywood. As she was researching ways to live a more healthy lifestyle, Sylvie discovered strategies that she became very passionate about and wanted to share with others. In her own words, Sylvie didn’t have time for a hobby, and knew she wanted to start a business around her new lifestyle, however it would have to be something she would be able to do in the evenings and on the weekends. Sylvie’s job was one that couldn’t just be left behind being that she had a family that depended on that income, and this is when Sylvie decided to start a business that created passive income. This idea became a success and soon after starting her business, Sylvie found that other Nutritionists and Doctors wanted to learn how to create passive income for themselves. This is now what Sylvie McCracken specializes in as she strives to help others in the healthcare industry break away from the idea that their income is based on how many clients they see daily. Through the power of ebooks, Sylvie helps these professionals create passive income, reach larger audiences, and take control of their time. Be sure to visit to find out more. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to subscribe to The Employer Blueprint Podcast so you don’t miss any future episodes. Please leave a review and tell us what you like most about the interview with Sylvie McCracken.