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Nov 18, 2019

Welcome to The Employer Blueprint Podcast and on this week’s episode we are proud to present Meaghan Connell, and AJ Yager, Founders of Praxis Metrics. Companies produce tons of data, and often times that data is presented and never followed up on. It is always important for a company and its leaders to get information about their business, however knowing what actions to to take afterward can be difficult. This is exactly why AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell founded Praxis Metrics. When beginning their journey together it was through a digital marketing agency that focused on data driven marketing. Through this they realized the need for companies to be able to act on the data they were acquiring and produce results from that data. 

Meaghan Connell is an international speaker and expert in reducing resource waste by capitalizing on information intelligence. Meaghan has spoken in over 22 countries to organizations like Loblaw, NBC Universal, and DigitalMarketer on the power of data to drive human behavior. She has been featured in dozens of online and print media publications, is both NLP and Domo certified, and last but not least, she sits on the board of directors for Apeiron Society of Human Performance.

AJ Yager is a data-driven digital marketer and productivity expert who uses data to drive new behavior in people and companies. He is an Amazon bestselling author, host of the Data Rich Show, and helps companies turn their data in growth. AJ has founded 8 highly successful companies over the course of his life, and today he works all over the world. He has worked in over 22 countries

with organizations such as NBC Universal, Organifi, Keller Williams and many others ranging from start- ups to companies worth billions.

He is NLP, Domo, and Microsoft certified and has been featured in Inc magazine, Business Week, CNN, and was voted Top 30 Under 30.

You can find out more about Praxis Metrics, Meaghan Connell, and AJ Yager at 

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