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Aug 20, 2018

Welcome to Business Playmakers podcast where Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach Kyle Gorman has conversations with other successful business leaders about their journey. 

This week Kyle takes time out to deliver a special message regarding the month of change. August is typically the month where end of summer vacations are taken, new careers are started, and new school year journeys begin. Kyle encourages listeners to take this time to also put focus on re-evaluating and establishing goals. One way to do this is by touching base with your mentors and centers of influence. In this short public service announcement, Kyle gives some ideas on ways you can get a jump start to the last quarter of the year. Thank you for listening!

Welcome to Business Playmakers, the podcast that meets with innovators, trailblazers, and leaders to learn about their experience and what success really means. Hosted by entrepreneur and leadership coach, Kyle Gorman. 

Business Playmakers is presented by Employer Blueprint.

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