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Nov 12, 2018

Business Playmakers podcast presents one of many special episodes where we go back to the beginning, when the sound quality wasn't as good, and remix. Proudly we would like to welcome Amanda Owen to the Business Playmakers podcast!

Amanda Owen was multi year All State competitive softball player in high school, and that drive and passion led right into her professional career. Amanda went to college to pursue her passion in teaching special education and began her career in the school system, however Amanda always felt like there was more that she could do to give back to those with developmental disabilities. That experience led to the idea she had which later became the non-profit she founded and continues to lead today called Puzzle Pieces. Puzzle Pieces is an activity day center for individuals with special needs. Amanda’s passion and drive are very rare and infectious as well as inspiring. It was an honor for Business Playmakers to have Amanda on the show and we are certain that this show will not only be an inspiration to others as to what can be done to grow and drive business, but more importantly what can be done to give back to others and support a community.

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