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Jan 7, 2019

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you the CEO of Hopper Construction Company, and the Founder and CEO of The Greatest On The Planet, John Hopper. When John started his career journey it was to go to college to be an architect, and after finding out from his professor that there was no money in architecture, he decided to pursue a career in construction. John worked in the construction industry during college and after college until he became a project manager with a large construction company. John worked his way up to be the head person in charge after the owners of the company, and was on track to be an owner himself because 2 of the owners were planning to sell out. John was putting his heart and soul into this company on the impression that one day he would be an owner and building a legacy for the future of the company. To his surprise the company was sold without his knowledge and he was not given the opportunity. John immediately went to work for a competitor and found the grass on the other side was not as green or as profitable. According to John, the company didn’t know how to make money. Frustrated, John decided he was going to start his own construction company and was doing well for a start up business with no customers, but things got even better as his previous boss from the company that was sold needed his help. Through that, John’s first year in business ,after starting Hopper Construction Company in 1999, he was able to contract six million dollars in construction jobs. In this episode of Business Playmakers John tells in detail the ins and outs of the construction industry, and gives a perspective that is rarely told. John has also started an employee coaching and retention business called The Greatest on the Planet, where he trains employers to have unifiable employees. Enjoy, and to find out more about John Hopper, you can visit the websites below. Thanks for tuning in to the Business Playmakers podcast!


You can find more information about John on Facebook and Linked In by searching John Hopper and The Greatest on the Planet.