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Jan 15, 2019

Business Playmakers podcast is excited to bring you Sean Zalmanoff. Sean is an experienced mortgage professional and entrepreneur who didn’t set out to be a business owner, but instead saw how wrong others were doing it and wanted to do things different and better. Sean graduated college in 2000, worked in a restaurant, and enjoyed it because it allowed him to live the college lifestyle while making more money than most of his friends who had “real jobs”. While working at the restaurant/ bar, Sean had a customer who had been trying to hire him since his sophomore year of college, and thought Sean would be a great fit for the mortgage industry. September 11th happened and overnight the college students that had been coming into the bar and were thought to have unlimited bank accounts, because of their parents,  were told to stop spending money. It was like the money went away. So Sean decided to start a new journey, and took his customer up on the offer to hire him for the mortgage industry. Sean moved to St. Louis and in 9 months, discovered everything that was wrong with the mortgage business, as he mentions in the podcast interview. Sean wanted to help people so he left the company he was with and started working for other companies that he thought were better, until finally he opened his own company called Monster Mortgage in 2005. In 2009 he joined with USA Mortgage and recently celebrated 10 years with the company. Because of the many experiences he has had in the mortgage industry, and because of his desire to help others, Sean Zalmanoff decided to start Next Level Loan Officers in 2017. Next Level Loan Officers is service that aims to mentor and coach Loan Officers to be more efficient and productive. You can find more information about Sean Zalmanoff at or just call the office at 314-361-9979. 

Also be sure to check out the Next Level Loan Officers podcast, and especially check out the episode that has the Business Playmakers podcast host Kyle Gorman as a featured guest! h