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Jan 29, 2019

Business Playmakers is proud to present the founders of Hire Smart VAs, Ann and Mark Lackey. Ann and Mark were both outside sales reps for many years and part of group that shared business leads. During that time, one of the members of the group became sick and couldn’t work. They were commission sales people so if someone didn’t work, they didn’t get paid. This caused a sudden reality check with Mark and Ann, and they began to think about how they would support their family if one of them were not able to work. Mark and Ann began doing what they do best, they researched ways they could make passive income that could sustain them in the event of an emergency. This is when they discovered real estate, and after getting their own systems in place, others wanted to know how they did it. Once again Mark and Ann saw an opportunity, and in 2005 they got their real estate license and began helping others manage their real estate portfolios. The business took off and now Mark and Ann are managing 225 properties. A few years later, another problem arose when their business grew to a size that more people were needed to help manage. Hiring and maintaining quality staff was difficult and became a problem when Mark and Ann were on vacation and were notified by their Marketing Manager, who had been with them for four years, that they were quitting immediately. This was a devastating blow to their business, however Mark and Ann did what they always do, and they began to research ways to fix it. This is when they found the idea of full time dedicated virtual employees outsourced to other countries.  Now Mark and Ann have created a business around helping others to discover ways to free up their time by hiring full time outsourced staff. Ann and Mark Lackey have written five books, three of which are best sellers, created multiple businesses, and trained hundreds of others on how to also be successful in the are of real estate investing, and property management. Enjoy this week’s episode as Mark and Ann tell their story and tell us what success really means to them. 

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 Also be sure to check out their books, all available on Amazon!

"Rent and Grow Rich"

"Robin Hood is Not Dead"

"Multiply Yourself and Double Your Real Estate Business"