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Jun 24, 2020

If you had the opportunity to grow your business without having to think about marketing - How would you feel? 

Charlie Whyman is a Curious Thinking Advocate, B2B Marketing Strategist, Adventure Lover and the host of the Curious B2B Marketing Club. She believes that you don’t have to be a trained marketer to be good at marketing and the best kind of marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

B2B Consultants and Businesses work with Charlie for real marketing strategies that work around THEM. They are sick of listening to gurus and theories and instead want an Integrated Marketing Approach that can be easily implemented on their terms that delivers real results. 

Charlie grew up around business as both her parents had their own small businesses. She then set up her first business in 2006 selling Sardinian Olive Oil and fine foods and then went on to grow a diverse career in sales, marketing and leadership before branching out as a Marketing Consultant, Coach and the Host of the Curious B2B Marketing Club in 2018.

Charlie also hosts her own podcast: The Curiosity Key where she interviews business leaders about their stories in launching their business and growing them.

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