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Dec 16, 2019

One of the many challenges a company faces when they begin the hiring and recruiting process, is understanding the true needs they have. We often times looked at things that we want and try to figure out what’s going to fit into those wants, but rarely do we take a step back and look at what we actually need in order to make a successful hire. Typically a company will bring in someone to fill the space that they want to fill. After three months, six months of being on the job, they discover it isn’t what they needed. We are going to unpack some of this on today’s episode of Employer Blueprint Podcast. As you listen to the episode there are three things that you should really be thinking about, and these will help you when trying to uncover the needs of your organization. These three tips will help you as you begin the hiring process and you look to fill a position in your organization. 


  1. Find the gap’s. Where are the spaces in your organization that aren’t getting filled in? What are the tasks that you have on your plate that are not being taken care of but someone needs to be focused on?
  2. If you are the hiring manager or owner, do not try to replicate yourself. Often times a business owner or leader will think that the best thing for their organization is a clone of themselves. Instead do an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and hire someone who’s strengths fill in where you are weak. 
  3. What is going to benefit your company most? What is going to benefit your company, and fill a long-term need?


The Employer Blueprint podcast is proud to present Sasha Laghonh. Sasha is a Business and Lifestyle Strategist, Founder, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Author. Sasha comes from a Management, and Administrative background that also focused on Marketing, however over time she found that Human Resources discovered her. Sasha is an MBA with an emphasis on Organizational and Human Behavior with more than 2 decades of experience in helping businesses with their people. Sasha has multiple shows that can be listened to such as “Sasha Talks” and “Moving Mountains With Sasha”. Sasha has also written multiple books including Kashing Karma, and Departures:  Smart Packing, of Life's Essentials, for On-Time Arrivals. To find out more about Sasha Laghonh, be sure to visit 

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