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Nov 25, 2019

Today’s guest on the Employer Blueprint Podcast is the Founder of Greene Finance and Insurance, Ken Greene. Before starting Greene Finance and Insurance, Ken worked as an engineer and had a plan of retiring when he was thirty years old. At 33 years of age, Ken did just that, and had done really well for himself. Ken had a house with 40 acres he owned outright, as well as a portfolio of investments. Just like everyone else though, Ken experienced 2008 during the U.S. Great Recession. Ken had done well for himself by acquiring land and multiple investments, but had no money for liquidity, so when Wall Street took a beating, so did Ken. It was also found during this time that there were no Engineering jobs to be had, and Ken needed to make some money, so he decided to change careers and went into the insurance and finance industry. Ken found himself surrounded by brokers who only cared about closing the next deal, and very little about educating clients. Because of the experiences Ken had went through before joining the insurance and finance industries, he had a passion for wanting to help others to not share the same fate. This is what led Ken to “manically study” ways to help his clients better. 

According to Ken’s website,, Greene Finance and Insurance pride themselves on not doing the traditional methods of investing that have been done for years on Wall Street. Below you will find a notable section on the Greene Finance and Insurance website. 

“We provide our clients with “aha” moments when it comes to finance, investing, insurance, making money and living free. We believe in simplifying these things in ways you may have never experienced before—we’re breaking the norm that finance needs to be complicated to be effective.

So let’s pull back the curtain put up by the major banks and investment firms and look inside; we think you’ll feel elevated learning there’s a different way to play the financial game.

Greene Finance and Insurance … Only Different

~above quoted section from in the About section. 

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