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Jun 1, 2020

The Employer Blueprint Podcast is excited to present Jim Karrh Ph.D. Jim is the Author of The Science of Customer Connections, Consultant and Professional Speaker at Karrh and Associates, and the host of Manage Your Message Podcast. Join us as Kyle Gorman has an amazing conversation with Jim about how to get in front of the right audience that is most beneficial to your business by having the right message. Jim’s background comes from aspirations he had of being a business school Professor and after reaching tenure, he left to pursue an opportunity to market multiple businesses for a consulting client. Since then Jim has been Consulting and Coaching, and most recently became an Author when he released his book, The Science of Customer Connections. 

To find out more, or connect with Jim, be sure to visit one of the links below. 


Websites  (Karrh & Associates)  (DSG Consulting) 



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