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Dec 2, 2019

Good morning everyone, happy Monday and you are tuned in to the Employer Blueprint Podcast. My name is Dedrick Jackson and I will be your host today. We have a very special episode and something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Being that Kyle is away wrapping up some business after the Thanksgiving Holiday I have decided to put together a mashup of some of the regular content that is distributed to our social media platforms. As many of you know, Kyle often posts short educational videos to his LinkedIn and Facebook Pages covering a range of topics from How to Aquire Top Talent For your organization, How to Retain Employees, to even How to know when it’s right to Fire Employees. In this episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast, you will hear the audio from some of these videos that have become so popular on social media. 

Before we jump into that I would like to add something from my own personal experience. I met Kyle in 2013 when I interviewed for  job at what was then Gorman Recruiting and I feel like I not only acquired a boss that day but also a mentor and a friend. As many of you know, who have seen Kyle in person or on a video, he has a very recognizable feature being his beard. As I was setting in front of him during the job interview in 2013, I said to Kyle that if growing a beard was a requirement for the job, I was not his guy because I was not able to grow one. This doesn’t sound like something someone should say in a job interview and it could have been very weird, however the next week I found myself working in Business Development for Gorman Recruiting. During my time with Gorman recruiting I found a love for Marketing and content creation on social media, and even though this was not what I was hired for, Kyle supported me and encouraged me to follow my passion while still allowing my skills to play a role in his organization. Most importantly Kyle even supported me when I came to him and told him I didn’t want to work for him any longer and I wanted to start my own business. I say all of that to say this, Kyle is not one of those bosses that constantly pours Gatorade over his own head celebrating his victories. He is very human in his decision making, as noted by even hiring me in the first place, and he is a servant leader in how he manages his team. The bottom line of his business comes second to supporting his employees and making sure they are able to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals. Oftentimes Coaches and content creators fill their 1 to 2 minute spots with things they don’t practice, and if your like me you often wonder if they really believe in what they are talking about, or if they are trying to get likes and views by saying something that sounds good from an article they read. Let me met you know, and this is from someone who has seen him when the cameras are off, Kyle Gorman definitely practices what he preaches, in life, an in business. So enjoy the episode and be sure to search Kyle Gorman on LinkedIn for more weekly content, and also search Employer Blueprint on Facebook and LinkedIn as well to follow the pages and connect with Kyle. Thanks, my name is Dedrick Jackson owner of JustU Marketing and I approve this message!

Song credit- Out of the Grey by Stephen Keech