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Dec 9, 2019

After the announcement of some exciting news from the Kelly Ann Harris Team, we have decided to re-share a previous episode of The Employer Blueprint Podcast. Recently Kelly Ann Harris and Kelsey Jarboe announced on Facebook that they have partnered to become the Harris Jarboe Group. Be sure to visit the Kelly Ann Harris Team Facebook page at the link below to find out all the details!

On this weeks episode of the Employer Blueprint Podcast, we are excited to present The Kelly Anne Harris Team of Keller Williams Elite. 10 years ago, Kelly Anne Harris was a single mom living off credit card debt, had recently lost her job, and was about to lose her home. As she was trying to find employment during a terrible time in our country’s economy, Kelly Anne decided to become a Realtor for a best friend who was trying to find homes to flip for profit. During the first year in her new career path, as Kelly Anne recalls in the podcast, even though things were tough, she worked diligently to succeed and knocked on every door in her town. This continued until three years later Kelly Anne Harris was the number one Realtor in the area. The story of Kelly Anne Harris could end there with success and a happy ending except success wasn’t happy. In fact it was the opposite, when even though she managed to do 142 transactions that year with only herself and an assistant, Kelly Anne’s life was spinning out of control. She knew she had to do something because her health and her family life were suffering, and that was when Kelly Anne learned about a team concept being adopted by other Realtors while she was on a trip at a realtor convention. Kelly Anne decided to pursue this ideas of having a team of Realtors and she began doing research and visiting other offices who had already adopted the business model. One of Kelly Anne’s very first team members is also a guest on this weeks podcast, Kelsey Jarboe. After the addition of Kelsey, within a year and a half, the new Kelly Anne Harris Team was able to double the previous year to 242 transactions and 40 million dollars in production. The team concept has also allowed Kelly Anne to pursue other ventures such as an independent brokerage with multiple locations and a property management company. Currently the Kelly Anne Harris Team has multiple agents and two are on this weeks Employer Blueprint podcast with Kelly Anne. Kelsey Jarboe has been with the Kelly Anne Harris group since the beginnings of the team forming, and Denise Jarboe has been with the team for a year. Both Kelsey and Denise tell their stories from different perspectives on how they became involved in Real Estate and how much the Leadership of Kelly Anne Harris has changed their lives. You don’t want to miss this episode as Kyle dives into a lot of great topics while interviewing some very successful entrepreneurs who work by the motto, “you can teach skill all day, but you can’t teach hustle.” 

To find out more about Kelly Anne Harris and the Kelly Anne Harris Team, or if you are looking to potentially start a new career in Real Estate and think a team environment would be right for you, visit where you will find resources available including a careers section of the website. 

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