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Dec 23, 2019

This week on the Employer Blueprint Podcast, we will be talking with SJ Barakony about the power of networking in our business. We have all been through it, there are 1 million different networking events available. Some are formal and others are informal. Often networking meetings are available to those that sign up as members for a fee, and others are community driven by way of a non profit or local chamber. For some people, the idea of attending an event where they are able to work a room and meet new people is a dream come true. This is the situation for an obvious extravert, however the opposite is true for someone who is an introvert. This can be a dreaded moment, when an introverted person has to go to a networking event, because they are forced to be removed from their comfort zone. Whatever your outlook, networking in any capacity is very valuable if you rely on relationships with others to do business. It is also important to add that networking properly is the key to developing solid relationships. 

Employer Blueprint Podcast is proud to present the Founder of Service Before Self Leadership, SJ Barakony. SJ is a Consultant, Mentor, and Advisor to those that have found themselves to be unsuccessful with traditional educations methods. SJ is an edu-prenuer with nearly 8 years experience and has been involved in groups such as the Young Entrepreneur’s Academy, and Teen Entrepreneurial Camp. SJ is also involved with H7 Network, a networking group that was started in Ohio, and in this episode he will talk about the importance of networking and how to be effective in your networking efforts. It is always important when networking to build depth of relationship. It is very easy to walk into a networking event, see everyone in the room, meet everyone in the room, but never build a relationship with anyone. When that happens it takes away the opportunity to really connect, which then hinders the ability to gain new clients or make any money. We hope you enjoy as topics like these and many more are covered in the podcast. Thanks, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. 

You can find out more information about H7 Network and SJ Barakony by visiting the websites below.